Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Get Away

Do you ever have that feeling that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time? Well that is where I was last weekend. Both in need of a break, we kept it very simple, camping with only the bare necesseties in one of our favourite places, Double Island Point.

I was here on the dunes, having a morning coffee while watching the waves roll in.

I was here on the beach, strolling aimlessly alongside the seagulls and searching for ocean treasures.

I was here, amazing over the ever changing landscape of these mountains being eroded by the wind and sea.

I was here trying to take in the gorgeous colours of the ocean and watching the surfers and sea turtles swim by.

I was here meandering along this path up to Lighthouse surrounded by the native flora.

And as I got higher, I was here looking back at the beach we had driven along to reach the Point.

Can you see the love heart in this stone? When I am beachcombing I always have an eye out for heart shaped stones, so this was lovely to happen across.

I agree with whoever said "The journey is the reward".

The next day, we drove along Freshwater Track that takes us through to Rainbow Beach (what a magic name for a place hey?), weaving through the huge scribbly bark trees, stopping often to admire them and try to decipher the messages etched into the bark.

Further along the track we entered the rainforest which signalled the last leg of journey.

Perfect weekend, perfect company, perfect place.


  1. Yes perfect!

    great shots and I too am always on the lookout for hearts.

  2. Thanks Robyn!
    I have to admit something a bit corny! I found the song "Happiness" by Alexis Jordan was playing a loop in my head all weekend, specifically the chorus.
    "Through strength I found love, in time I found myself in happines with you".
    Finding the heart in the stone was a bit mind blowing for me, like a sign!