Friday, October 30, 2009

My Obsession

I love making bowls out of clay and I love drawing and painting bowls, its been a passion of mine all my life. When I was in primary school, I remember Mum taking me along to Clay Classes on Saturday's and I loved it. The pieces I made then, and throughout high school, are still proudly on display in my parent's house.

Candy Herne kindly gave me permission to paint some of her pieces that she exhibited at the Brisbane Institute of Art back in 2004, when we did a couple of Clay Workshops together. This is Candy's work below. The bowls were hand formed and then either raku or sago fired. I think the way they are displayed here conveys a lovely sense of unity.

The bowls below are the work I did throughout a semester and were called my "Soul Bowls". After the exhibition I gave all my closest friends one for Christmas that year filled with affirmations. These bowls were formed by ripping pieces of flattened clay and pressing the pieces together in a mould. I used many different types of clay, buff raku, red raku, stoneware, terracotta and porcelain. I glazed the inside of each bowl and left the outside of each to show its natural qualities. I wanted my bowls, through my process of construction to convey strength, fragility, love and sacredness.

These are the first 2 paintings from the series I am currently working on from Candy's beautiful collection.

I am so excited about this series!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

That Moment by Katrina

I thought our family and love was tight
But slowly it unravelled and fell apart
I’m not sure quite when the moment happened
When it was ok with you to break my heart

Life and the small stuff got in the way
blurring the most important things
and while looking out for everyone
I inadvertently dropped all the strings

Spreading myself so thin
thinking you had my back
I didn’t see that you had already walked out that door
and had gone too far off track

So now I walk on my own
My new journey teaching a lot about me
Gosh I never realised till now
My inner strength and determination the key

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dayboro Community Art Gallery Blog

The Dayboro Community Art Gallery now has its very own Blog to compliment its existing website, where all the gallery members can post information about their work, activities and exhibitions.

The Gallery was established approximately 13 years ago in the old Plumber's workshop, an historic quaint old building. The Gallery is a not for profit organisation run by the members and new members are always welcome. To keep the Gallery fresh and exciting, every 3 months we change over the art in the Gallery. Each month, a different member features as "Artist of the Month" and has a whole wall dedicated to their art. This month Judy Midgely and Avril Towerton are our featured artists, both very talented prize winning artists.
Its very exciting for our small gallery and will help to promote the artists and reach a new audience all over the whole world!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Botanique 09 - Wearable Art - Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Mt Cootha

My friends Candy Herne and Sophie Munns are participating in and exhibition where Art meets Fashion.
To see a fashion parade of exquisitely designed Wearable Art:
When: Tuesday, 13 October, 6.30pm
Where: Japanese Gardens, Botanic Gardens, Mt Cootha Road, Toowong
Tickets: $25 before 5th October and $30 after.
Phone: Bettina Palmer 0405 402 340.
All funds raised benefit the Botanic Gardens Trust Fund.
For this special event Candy will be exhibiting and selling her first whole collection of Art Couture Head Pieces.

The Wearable Art will be displayed at the
Randall Studio, Botanic Gardens, Mt Cootha Rd, Toowong
from Wednesday, 14th October to Sunday, 18th October.
Opening Hours: 10am-4pm.

click here to see a sneak preview.