Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shell Art

On my daily wandering along the beach at Burrum Heads whilst on holiday, I come across a lot of shells worn by the elements to these lovely lacey looking shapes.
Inspired by my good friend CandiceHerne, and her recent photographs of the spider webs covered in dew in the early morning looking like nanna's crotched doilies, I set about creating some with the shells I found.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach Walk Art

More from our holiday at Burrum Heads. Each morning we'd set off on a big walk and find the most wonderful things that would inspire us to create pictures right there on the beach. Hopefully other walkers enjoyed our little impromptu art creations amongst the shells and seaweed.

Erica created this picture of a man from seaweed, and below Emma and I created a face of a mermaid.

A little further along, we left a fish swimming along the shore line.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach Art from Burrum Heads

While on one of my daily morning wanders up and down the beach, I found this lovely piece of driftwood that resembled a bird,
and a little further along, I came across a beautiful piece of worn shell amongst the sand balls rolled by the soldier crabs,
Drip marks in the sand,

ripples in the sand made by the ocean sweeping out

and finally, these lovely leaf skeletons that motivated me to make a doilie like that which my grandmother and great aunts used to make (inspired by reading my good friend Candice Herne's recent blog posting).

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holiday Snaps - Easter Break at Burrum Heads, Queensland

We've just returned from Burrum Heads, 30 minutes north of Hervey Bay, Queensland, our favourite Easter holiday desination to take the kids and kick back and relax for a week. For the last 3 years, we have been taking our families camping at the Burrum Heads Beachfront Caravan Park which is close to everything, the water, the shops, etc so we don't have to get the car out all week.

As an added bonus to all the water and fishing activities, the annual Burrum Heads Amateur Competition is on at this time each year. Our 8 kids (3 families) always register in the competition and participate in all the fun activities put on including the opportunity to win great prizes like rods, reels and tackle boxes.
The kids were all mad keen little fisher people, here is a photo of Dave and Hunter concentrating on catching the "big one". Many fish were caught (probably our best year ever for fishing) including a 43cm spotted rock cod - yum!!
Another wonderful thing about Burrum Heads is that there is a lovely long shaded walkway right along the river which the kids can ride their bikes and Ripstiks along quite safely. Jesse and Brooke finally mastered the Ripstik, a "must do" this school holidays.

One of my favourite times of the day was to sit out by the water in the early evening with a glass of wine and good friends and watch the beautiful and usually spectacular sunsets. Can't wait for next year...............