Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach Art from Burrum Heads

While on one of my daily morning wanders up and down the beach, I found this lovely piece of driftwood that resembled a bird,
and a little further along, I came across a beautiful piece of worn shell amongst the sand balls rolled by the soldier crabs,
Drip marks in the sand,

ripples in the sand made by the ocean sweeping out

and finally, these lovely leaf skeletons that motivated me to make a doilie like that which my grandmother and great aunts used to make (inspired by reading my good friend Candice Herne's recent blog posting).

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  1. Dear Katrina,

    I feel very ashamed as not having visited your blog or become a follower. Your imagination and creativity is a joy to observe as I have recently been visiting the ocean myself a lot more often, for there I have found peace and a way to heal.

    The last two weekends I have been working on The DIRECTORY, the excuse for all these months of not having added a large number of my followers to my blog roll.

    As a designer I wish for a clean look and since I wanted to share resources to other sites as well as my blog roll, the plan was for a separate blog.

    As everything in life, it takes not only more time, but also taking longer to get started.

    Forgive my writing here, but you do not reveal your email so I could write you privately. As I do sincerely wish to add your blog, I just wish to know under what category you wish to be listed at FourSeasonsinaLIfeDirectory? (link to The DIRECTORY at both my blogs).

    Wishing you a great week ahead.,