Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well after much work and reflection, I think I may have come up with an Artist Statement that I am happy to use for the time being. I would appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions, etc.

Painting, collage, sculpting, felting and creating with found objects are all passions of mine. Creativeness is like breathing to me; it nurtures my soul and gives me endless hours of joy.

Wherever I am, I find myself observing my surroundings with an “artist’s eye”, just about anything I see is assessed for possible material for a future painting, sculpture or wall hanging. When I walk around my bush property or along the beach, I collect seed pods, feathers, sea shells, broken glass and interesting pieces of wood or rocks or leaves.

My practice is an ongoing personal journey for me and I am still trying to find my way. Having a diverse range of interests means that I am always exploring different mediums and subjects.