Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Eggs"cellent Job Girls

This is Ruby, Rita, Roxy and Rosy, my gorgeous egg makers who lay huge delicious eggs.

For some reason the girls all lay their eggs in the same spot with one always sitting on them till I come and take them away. Using the fresh eggs, I baked a decadent chocolate cake for the kids, and
a Spinach and Fetta Quiche for lunches. Yum, thanks again Girls!
Not much progress in the studio at the moment, but check out my friends blogs, lots going on out there in blogland! Candice Herne, Nicola Moss, Sophie Munns.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Belle Arti - Chapman and Bailey Art Award 2010

This is my entry in the Belle Arti - Chapman and Bailey Art Awards 2010 which will be exhibited at the Metro Arts, 1/109 Edward Street, Brisbane from 22 November - 3 December 2010. I, along with many other artists, including BAD Co-op members, have submitted entries, so why not come along for a squiz!
All the works had to be done on a 40cm x 40cm canvas supplied by Chapman & Bailey, the makers of fine art stretchers. Also available - conservation framing, contemporary art space, fine art materials and contemporary fine furniture.
I've included some photos below of the developing painting as I like documenting the process.
For me, painting these pieces is quite meditative and the paintings evolve very organically.
Colour makes its way onto my palette and depends very much on what I feel like using that day.
My son came up with the name, "27 Bowls" so simple but lovely.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Bit of B.A.D. News

I attended the monthly Brisbane Artist Development (BAD) Co-operative meeting yesterday and had a blissful day surrounded by like minded, supportive and nurturing artists.
Sophie Munns chaired the meeting, taking time out of her very busy visual arts practice where she is currently doing amazing art works inspired by her love seeds, the planet and sustainability. Love this work below Sophie!!

Untitled - Sophie Munns
Sophie bought to the table yesterday, a discussion about FAILURE after reading an article in Artist's Profile by Steve Lopes. We paired off for some of the discussion, I with a very nurturing and insightful, Jen Conde. We talked about our fears in terms of our artistic practice in a safe environment, and am grateful to the other attendees for sharing so much. A line from the article that stayed with me is "Art is a struggle between self-doubts and high confidence." Very true and something I have learnt that even the greatest artist's struggled with, even Picasso.

"Maddies Wish" - Jen Conde

Sophie also asked the question - "Where do we get our ideas?" What inspires us? Simple questions that perhaps some of us don't actually sit down and give time to thinking about. Sometimes all it takes is someone to ask a question or two, to get us working out where we're going with our art and voice it within a group of like minded people who get it! Thanks again Sophie!
Anita West an inspiring and very talented artist, just had a sell-out exhibition in Sydney (Congratulations!!!) and generously shared with us her journey, from getting the art work down to the Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery in Sydney, through to Opening Night. Here below is one of my favourites from her recent show.

"Red Sky with Cows" - Anita West

Following the break, Denise Dillon Bolland , another talented artist and Art Therapist, ran a Workshop for the members called "Treasure Mapping with a Twist" which was an exercise in trusting your intuition and listening to your inner voice. It helped me see things about myself and my art that I did not consciously realise. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, ripping out pictures and words from magazines that I was drawn to and pasting them onto paper to create a "visual map". Below is what I created during the exercise and it has revealed many things to me, two obvious things being that I cram so much into anything I do and I love colour.
Denise also reminded me to remember to have fun with my art and let go of expectations which I really tried to do. So many wonderful words Denise, I loved "witness the emergence of forgotten dreams and new directions for work and play".

Finally, quick snaps of a painting I am currently working on.