Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Eggs"cellent Job Girls

This is Ruby, Rita, Roxy and Rosy, my gorgeous egg makers who lay huge delicious eggs.

For some reason the girls all lay their eggs in the same spot with one always sitting on them till I come and take them away. Using the fresh eggs, I baked a decadent chocolate cake for the kids, and
a Spinach and Fetta Quiche for lunches. Yum, thanks again Girls!
Not much progress in the studio at the moment, but check out my friends blogs, lots going on out there in blogland! Candice Herne, Nicola Moss, Sophie Munns.


  1. Hey Katrina...
    just popping in to tell you if you look on my blog you can make out your 'seed' postcard you did on this page from the book!!

    Love your chookies - amazing pie... and thanks for linking moi!
    see you soon
    mmm ... chocolate cake!

  2. Thanks Sophie and no worries. I loved having a chance to participate in this, keep up your amazing work!!!
    I love my chics too, the pie was delicious and the kids report that the cake was YUMMM!
    See you Saturday.