Friday, November 12, 2010

Belle Arti - Chapman and Bailey Art Award 2010

This is my entry in the Belle Arti - Chapman and Bailey Art Awards 2010 which will be exhibited at the Metro Arts, 1/109 Edward Street, Brisbane from 22 November - 3 December 2010. I, along with many other artists, including BAD Co-op members, have submitted entries, so why not come along for a squiz!
All the works had to be done on a 40cm x 40cm canvas supplied by Chapman & Bailey, the makers of fine art stretchers. Also available - conservation framing, contemporary art space, fine art materials and contemporary fine furniture.
I've included some photos below of the developing painting as I like documenting the process.
For me, painting these pieces is quite meditative and the paintings evolve very organically.
Colour makes its way onto my palette and depends very much on what I feel like using that day.
My son came up with the name, "27 Bowls" so simple but lovely.


  1. Looks great Katrina, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh! Good luck.
    I love seeing the work in progress as well, thanks for that.

  2. I like the layering, nesting and distortions, the Morandi-esque silence, the quiet flirting with abstraction. Good title, too!