Friday, April 8, 2011

Mother Earth

I've been searching for direction, knowing somewhere in me I know what I am supposed to do but not doing it. On my recent camping trip it came to me, I could hear whispers in the corners of my mind which eventually became clearer and clearer. Earth's Mother was whispering to me, I could hear her in the rustling of the leaves and the smashing of the waves on the beach. I started to see her messages everywhere, etched in the trees and rocks, washed in on the sand. I could feel her around me like a warm embrace and I felt that I was exactly where I was meant to be so that I could hear her. It was bliss! I just had to listen, be quiet and still my mind. Then she came and took my hand and we walked together for hours surrounded by the bush and the ocean.
Her message was this:

Shhh, can you hear me?

Inside you? It's me, Earth's Mother.

Love me, look after me

and I will look after you.

Be still, quite

My magic is in you.......

Thank you Mother Earth, I'm sorry it took me so long to hear you.


  1. Sounds exciting Katrina, enjoy.

  2. Love the scribbly gum print transfers Trine.

  3. It is exciting Nicola but when I leave the place that inspires me the thoughts become elusive and return to flick around the corners of my mind making it harder to translate into the artwork. Aargh!
    I love scribbly gums Rach been fascinated with them ever since i was a kid and read a story book that mentioned them. Ooh I just had a thought, how do i incorporate that into my work?
    Happy painting everyone!