Sunday, April 17, 2011

Burrum Heads Easter School Holidays

Once again we're spending some quality time at one of our favourite places in our corner of the world, Burrum Heads, Queensland.

The tide goes out so far that you can barely see the ocean on the horizon.

The river is alive with marine and bird life.

The mangroves are thriving after all the rain.
There is an abundance of seedpods, creatures and shells everywhere to find.
However, not everyone sees these as they walk past so I left some little circles in the sand for others to happen across happy little surprises.

At the end of the day, we sit by the river and enjoy the sunsets. Living on the eastern coast of Australia, we don't often see sunset over the water, but here we can because Burrum Heads is situated on the mouth of a river.


  1. Beautiful Katrina! I am craving the sea at the moment. We are staying home now. Loved your little suprises.Happy Easter! Candyxx

  2. Love your circles Katrina!
    Have a wonderful time... hope the rain is not stopping you from enjoying the surrounds...