Tuesday, March 8, 2011

B A D (Brisbane Artist Development Co-op) News

Last Saturday, on a lovely overcast, drizzly autumn day, I went to the monthly Brisbane Artist Development Co-op Meeting (BAD Co-op for short), so inspiring and the people wonderful. Please click "here" to check out the Blog and also find links for amazingly talented artists who are members. New members are always welcome. This month the meeting was held at Denise Dillon Bolland's beautiful Queenslander cottage at Annerley, a lovely older suburb in Brisbane. Denise took us for a tour through, under and around her house and garden which is full of many of her wonderful artworks (paintings and sculptures) and works by other artist's that she admires, including prints by her own very talented father. Denise is presently working on an exciting project creating sculptures (from parts of her much loved vehicle) which will be exhibited later this year. So stay tuned for more details of this later in the year! Thank you so much Denise for opening your home to the BAD Co-op members this month and sharing with us details of your exciting amazing personal artistic journey.


  1. Sounds great Katrina, Thanks for posting an image. Catch up again soon.

  2. It was a lovely day Nicola, I've posted a few more images now, hopefully you'll come back and see these!