Sunday, February 20, 2011

This is the Way I Wash the Sheets.........

My mind is always busy, if I am not thinking about art and how I am going to progress my project and paintings, I am observing the beauty surrounding me, and working out how I am going to incorporate that into my art.
Finding time to dedicate to my creative self is hard, like many, I have parenting and work obligations, volunteer and social engagements and daily chores, etc, leaving little time to indulge in what I love to do creatively.

However, I find that these days I cannot focus on one thing or the other, all are blurring together and I am incorporating the daily tedious (but necessary) household chores into my creativity. (Notice I've not said my art into my household chores).
I see the potential of everyday household items contributing to my creative processes and start ripping up my bedsheets and making erosion bundles. I'm pulling my pegs apart to get the rusty springs to contribute to the erosion bundles and I'm generally utilising any household item I get my hands on to be creative.
Inspired by various blogs like The Erosion Bundle Project and Natures Whispers, I started exploring this concept and am really enjoying the randomness of the marks developing on the sheets with rusted household items. I plan to incorporate these into collages I am presently developing.
Kathy from While Tangerine Dreams writes about what works for her as a busy mother and business operator and has published an Ebook: "Handmade Time: How to Squeeze in a little more Crafting Everyday". I'm always interested to see how other creative souls manage their time, nurturing their creative passions, while being challenged by trying to fit everything into everyday.
Sure there are going to be days when it doesn't all come together and there won't be a spare second to do anything creative, those are the days I will paint in my mind's eye or scribble down a note somewhere to remember the idea for another time.


  1. Wonderful Post Katrina! I'm loving that last picture! Candyxx

  2. Lovely seeing what you are up to Katrina. For all the juggling you are doing its great to see you managing to keep aside time for your thinking about art and doing it! I have not been able to paitt for 6 weeks due to other demands n time... so... thinking about art is valuable... it keeps one connected in!

  3. Hi!
    Thanks so much for the positive feedback on my blog! I adore your rusted material.