Friday, September 24, 2010

Waterfall Way

On the second day of our road trip, we headed west from Coffs Harbour along the beautiful Waterfall Way. The heavy clouds started closing in again as we headed towards the mountains.

We started driving up and up and came across waterfalls everywhere we looked.
Unfortunately it was raining so heavy that somehow I missed the turn-off to Danger Falls in Dorrigo, so our first stop was the majestic Ebor Falls. The clouds were so low that we were in them, it was a magical and mystical atmosphere, walking the paths amongst moss and lichen covered trees and rocks.Being Spring, the native flora was blossoming all around us, perfuming the moist, cool air.

As we wandered the paths to the viewing platforms, beautiful escarpments were revealed to us as the clouds lifted.
A nice surprise for Emma the horse lover as we were driving along, some horses running out of the mist. This was on the way to Cathedral Rock that we didn't end up seeing because it was a 3 hour return walk and it was raining and muddy.
Wollomombi Falls was next. As we wandered the path to discover these falls, a lone flute player sat amongst the trees playing a hypnotising melody across the gorge. We couldn't have arranged our timing any better because all of a sudden the earth shook and there was a landslide.
The kids and I agreed that detouring our trip across Waterfall Way was worth it. It added hours to our journey to Dubbo but how often do we get to see something so magical.

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