Monday, September 27, 2010

Magical Montville

After a nearly year long trip around Australia with her husband and 2 small children, my good, good friend Candy has recently settled in Montville. Click HERE to read all about their travels and view amazing photos of their journey. I am so glad to have them back at last and went up to visit last weekend for birthday celebrations and a catch up. My drive to their place was full of wonderful photo opportunities.....
Letterboxes of all shapes and sizes.....

Very old sheds.....

Moss and Lichen covered seats on the top of mountains...
And then I turn into the road they live off and look at the view they get smacked with everytime they turn into their street!
Candy's clay works are the subject of my most recent paintings, beautiful hand built organic shaped bowls that have been saggar fired.

Little houses.

Candy and her family's new home is totally awesome and settled deep in a rainforest however I'm not going to show it here, Candy can do that when she's settled and ready, as its her story to tell.
But the wood stove and firewood are hints at how cosy their new home is.

The last photo is the art studio, magic things are starting to happen in here so keep an eye on Candy's blog for more on this in the near future.

So glad you're back Candy, am looking forward to working with you on lots of new art projects.

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  1. Beautiful post Katrina. Lots of inspiration in your travels and yes it is great to have Candice back. Look forward to catching up with you both soon.