Saturday, January 8, 2011

BaCK to ReAliTY (the Holiday is Over)

Oh how quickly time passes, my time camping at Double Island Point was too soon over. I already miss my long solitary walks along this beach, searching for small treasures amongst the sea foam and breathing in the fresh salty air.....
While it rained for most of our week at home, the kids found plenty to do when inside, look at the magic happening in the art studio......
And when there was a break in the rain, they made the most of it.....

All in all it was a nice break and life is good, the future full of promise, and new adventures are waiting to be found around every corner.


  1. Love the photos, especially the one of everyone in the art studio :)

  2. Thanks Word Crafter, I love watching the kids get creative, they get that glazed over look as they concentrate because they are so focused on what they are working on.