Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

Its Australia Day, a day that Aussies gather together as a nation to celebrate what's great about this wonderful country of ours, and being Australian.
Crikey its a steaming hot day here, mother nature has really turned it on for us, fine and a high of 31 degrees celcius (88 degrees farenheit for my overseas friends!) so we're celebrating the day by having lots of swims! And a quick visit to the park to burn some excess energy!
Meanwhile, something is brewing in the studio...... (no its not beer!)
I found these rusted metal stump caps (or ant caps) years ago under an old house I previously owned which was an old Queenslander on stumps.
I've always saved them, with the intention of using them in my art, and have recently become really inspired by some textile artists I've been following, including Natures Whispers and Ro Bruhn Art. I love textile art and I love rusty things, so I covered the rusty stump caps in fabric and immersed them in water. Here they are sitting out to dry. I've since opened them up and the results are fantastic!!! Watch this space, more to come soon!


  1. Hey Trine, interesting that they follow on from the bowl paintings in their round shape and the format you have photographed them in. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. Hi Rach, yeah its a bit like that, I cannot get away from the round theme, i'm so drawn to it. I am so pleased with the results of this first batch. I am now going to do it again but this time I am going to leave it out in the weather for a while, some on the ground some in compost, some hanging from trees. I was inspired to do this from a recent blog I came across on erosion bundles. Might bring the first batch in to the BAD Coop meeting tomorrow.