Monday, August 16, 2010

Pit Fire

The waiting is over, I finally attempted a pit firing of my own on Saturday arvo. The weather was perfect, there are no fire bans so I decided to tackle it with the assistance of Dave and the kids.
We attached the trailer to the ride-on and collected fallen branches from around the property and piled it all into the pit fire constructed out of besser blocks (I couldn't dig a hole in the ground out here, its all shale and rock).
Before I thought to take photos, I had already put the pieces in the pit fire, added some seaweed, egg shells, horse poo (compliments of Millie and Khaleef), rock salt, sawdust and leaf matter and piled wood on top. Once the fire had burnt down a little, we put corrugated iron sheets on top to seal in the heat.

Its now Monday, and this afternoon, the pit fire had finally cooled down enough to take the lid off and reveal the fired pieces.

These are the pieces, straight out of the pit fire, I have yet to scrub them but first impressions are good.
This is the bottom side of all the pieces. The two smaller bowls are Emma's and the round one at top (in the middle) is Dylan's.

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