Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Ekkacelent Day!

Its that time again, the Ekka is on in Brisbane (also known as the Royal National Association Show). The kids and I waited anxiously yesterday for the weather to break and it did, so we excitedly headed off at lunchtime for a day of sensory overload!!

Thats my little poppets up there, closest to the bottom left hand corner of this photo. Emma was so pleased she faced her fear of heights and went on as she could see for miles up there.
Dylan has no fear when it comes to Sideshow Alley rides and gets totally high on the rush he gets from them!
The Pirate Water Rollercoaster ride was a firm favourite, here Dylan and Emma are waiting for their turn with a motley looking character.

I love the Ekka, I love Sideshow Alley with all its noise, colour and excitement.
We also went to see the cows, horses and baby animals. When we were nearly worn out we bought sample bags and sat in the main grandstand for hours and watched all our favourite things, horse jumping, monster trucks, precision cars, motocross stunt bikes and fireworks. Totally awesome (and exhausting) day.


  1. great pictures! Katrina, especially love that first one. Em looks so tall!

  2. What a fun day out for you all!

  3. Thanks Candy and Sophie. Dylan said to me later that it was one of the best days ever! I'm thinking its pretty high up on my list of best days ever too.