Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Studio Makeover

Inspired by Sophie Munns recent post, I finally tackled my studio, tidying, decluttering, sorting, discarding and making a more conducive working space. Sophie's mention of a wonderful view from her room while working at her desk inspired me to re-arrange my studio so I too looked outside. 
Its going to take a little getting used to but the action of tidying up and clearing out has started to have the desired effect. After I was finished yesterday my mind was clearer, although no new ideas were immediately forthcoming. I wondered when the ideas might come and decided to work out in the garden for a while and mow the grass (with a lot of help from Millie).
Today is a different story, ideas started to tickle around the edges of my mind, and then more and more came.......sometimes just by taking the first step and tackling the most mundane chores, a little bit of magic happens........ 
Like everyone, I have my moments of doubt in relation to my art and abilities, etc, however Candice Herne recently gave me this gorgeous teatowel by Nadine Sawyer, which I have pinned to my wall to remind me everyday that I am following the beauty of my dreams! Trusting you all are too :)

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  1. Hi Katrina,
    I love a big clean up and tidy at the end/begining of the year, very motivating. I look forward to seeing the inspiration trickle developing in your work.