Monday, January 23, 2012

Papergirl - The Art of Giving

Papergirl Brisbane is an exciting innovative cultural initiative which works to bridge the gap between the wider public of Brisbane, and the local artists and writers who live here.
Art and writing is collected from the local creative community, exhibited in a gallery, rolled up, and then distributed by bicycle to the random passers-by in Brisbane’s CBD.  Hope I'm lucky enough to receive something!!!
Anyone who wishes to be involved is invited to participate, regardless of age, education, profession, gender, or location. Artworks accepted include drawings, photographs, text, pictures, stickers, posters - basically anything ‘creative’ and considered that can be rolled and distributed by bicycle.
Writers, poets, and lyricists are also invited to get involved in the project. You are asked to submit as many contributions as you would like and in some cases artwork is reproduced to allow more people to receive your work.
Check out the Papergirl Brisbane website for more details and how to submit your work.


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully interesting project indeed Katrina!

    I also loved that you got into having a big clean up and got the outdoor view lined up with the work desk. Doesn't it feel good! My clean up seemed to go on and I went a way for a few days too... but I did a workshop for a small group in it yesterday and christened it... so it now feels really alive again!

    Also want to thank you for popping into my FB page... Because I have trouble keeping up with lovely blogger friends already I can't bear the thought off activating the 'friends' mechanism on FB... but then when you or someone "likes" my entry on the page i wonder how I can say hello back?

    so hello, thanks, have a great week and here's to a productive year in our respective studios.

  2. Hello and YEY for you too Sophie, sounds like we're both on track with our clean, reorganised Studios.
    You don't have to respond back when I like something on fb, this is your way of knowing that I saw it and liked it.
    Well I'm off to work in my studio now and progress my work for Papergirl Brisbane.
    Have a great week too, I can feel a very productive year coming on!!!! K