Sunday, July 25, 2010

Colour My Day

Over the last week, colour has really been making an impact on me. Each day, a specific colour really stands out to me. When I woke up in the morning the other day and slipped on my new blue slippers, I felt wonderful.
Green happens to be one of my favourite colours, as a child it was my most favourite colour. This is our latest crop of limes, don't you just love the colour.
Recent purchases at a trash and treasure, turns out that I was having a very yellow day.Finally, walking around the Botanical Gardens the other day, I was drawn to this beautiful pink hibiscus (however this does not mean I am going back to painting flowers).


  1. Hi Katrina... just wanted to let you know I have (finally) posted your wonderful postcard on both my blogs... you will see your card has come up in my blog listing box at the moment too...
    It was inspiring how you came and joined in the conversation and mail art show!
    Loved you photos here... keep the creative inspiration happening Katrina...see you!

  2. Thanks Sophie! I had such a wonderful time the other day joining in and chatting and drawing with you and the others. How lucky you are to spend so much time at the gardens!