Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Beautiful Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Mt Cootha

On Saturday, I ventured to the Brisbane Botanical Gardens to see my art friend, Sophie Munn's Homage to the Seed exhibition. I dropped in to see Sophie's amazing exhibition of art works and was pleasantly surprised as I could sit down and chat and participate in a bit of drawing while I was there. I had a little wander around the gardens to take in the attractions and came across the lake which was full of wildlife and lillies and surrounded by people picnicking.
I ventured up and down and around and around and kept finding lovely sculptures amongst the gardens everywhere I turned. My favourite was this native australian bee on a log which contained real australian native bees busily going in and out. I have 2 hives of these and am presently babysitting half a dozen hives of these bees for a friend and learnt a lot about their activities while I was there from a lady who can tell you what plants to plant to attract certain types of aussie bees, butterflies and other insects - www.earthling.com.au.


  1. Hi Katrina,
    thank you for posting on your visit saturday and also for the previous post the week before...I am only just starting to catch up with my emails and blogging!
    It was great to have that time and space to sit and talk and draw... loved your postcard... have more to post and will add that in the next day or so... bit of a back log of posts to do... but want to make sure that they all go up...
    So glad you could make it...
    big thanks

  2. Hi Katrina,
    Thanks for mentioning me and the work I do on butterfly and other invertebrates and their food sources.
    Helen Schwencke
    Earthling Enterprises

  3. Goodness me I'd forgotten about the poor old bee's. They are scattered all over Brisbane suburban backyards. They must need splitting. I hope we haven't had any takeovers whilst we have been away. Thanks Katrina!