Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend of Art and Friendship

Wow, what a weekend!! On saturday, I went to the monthly Brisbane Artist Development Co-op Meeting (BAD Co-op for short) and it was so inspiring and the people wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Ran into an old friend that I haven't seen for 16 years and reconnected, so amazing. Following the meeting, went to the Perculator Gallery at Paddington where members from the BAD Co-op were exhibiting their amazing works - Nicola, Uta and Helena. Good on you guys, you are all so talented and your works inspirational!
On Sunday, I attended the monthly member's meeting at the Dayboro Community Gallery - so spirited and lively!! Had the best day, it was my rostered day on and I was worked off my feet with customers and selling member's work. I have never sold so much work in one day, I think we made half our month's sales today. Feel very satisfied and motivated that the Gallery is moving in the right direction to participate in the competitive world of art!
Well am going to work on my artistic direction now, review my "Passion Map" and get some inspiration to produce some quality work!!

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