Sunday, September 30, 2012

Open Studios - Sunshine Coast Hinterland 2012

This weekend I visited Candice Herne's (Candice Herne Blog) Studio in Montville which is open to the public as part of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Open Studios 2012.  Candice's studio is tucked away in the rainforest at the back of Montville, a magical place where time seems to stand still and the cool fresh air caresses your skin and cleanses your lungs......
Both Candice and her husband, Rod are exhibiting their works, you can see the sculptures in the garden outside the front of the studio which are Rod's work, and Candice's work is inside.  There are 23 studios in the sunshine coast hinterland participating this year and its on till 7 October 2012 so there is still time to get there and check it out.

The great thing about this is the fact that you get to meet and chat with the artists, view a selection of their works, check out their inspiring studios and see where the magic happens.....
 Ochre Diary, Natural Ochre from the ground, found in South Australia 2010,
on handmade linen paper from Burnie Tasmania.
Paintings were made while travelling from South Australia to Northern Territory, 2010
This leaf caught my eye as I exited the Gallery, a perfect love heart hanging from a tree.  I  took a walk with Candice's gorgeous kids and husband around their property in search of more of these leaves which just happened to be everywhere.....
Inspired, I went home to work on some projects I've been wanting to progress. I often stitch my work on my mum's Singer sewing machine that my great Aunt Amy bought her for her 17th birthday back in the early 1960's.  I love using the machine when creating my works, it gives me a way of staying connected to my mum, remembering how she taught me to sew, patiently showing me how.
This is my girl Jasmine, always by my side and usually snoring her head off when I am working in my studio  (there are no photos of my studio in this post as its looks like a cyclone went through it!).
And finally, this is a piece I just finished for a friend of mine who loves camping and beaches as much as I do.....

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  1. Great to read your post Katrina and see Candy and Rod's Open Studio!
    SUch a wonderful event to take part of ... studios offer so many insights into the processes and interests of the one creating.
    Hoe you find time to go for it before too long. I came back to discover a messy studio filled to the rafters the other day... will have some work to do before getting back to painting!