Saturday, April 28, 2012

Autumn Inspired - More Corrosion/Erosion Bundles.....

Using this great rusty stuff and organic matter....
which eventually result in marks like this......
Will post more photos when I can.....


  1. YOu sound very busy but good that you still make the family trips and get to enjoy such beautiful locations Katrina... imagine that is a wonderful inspiration for your studio time.
    I know how go go go life is for you with the competing commitments ... appreciate you make time to get as much done as you do ... and also pop in at the FB page...!
    Good creating!

  2. Thanks so much Sophie for your encouraging supportive words, I've been struggling with finding time to spend on my work lately but its so important to my self and who I truly am to create.
    I notice how busy you've also been lately, I as always in total awe and amazed at your ability to create, research and share information so consistently.
    I will make more of an effort to comment, keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Katrina - pls contact Brisbane News magazine on Facebook before COB Tuesday May 8 to claim your high tea prize. Many thanks, Jane @ Brisbane News